Head Gravity AUX Pro 2023 315g L3 – Tennis Racket


The Head Gravity Pro 2023 tennis racket offers the professional player maximum protection for his arm and with outstanding playability at the highest level. Both Alexander Zverev and Andrey Rublev give a good account.


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The Head Gravity Pro 2023 with its 315 grams of weight and an 18×20 string pattern is designed for the most powerful players who need precision in their shots, and thanks to the advances implemented in it and exquisite development by Head they will find them in this racket. Its 100 in² (645 cm²) head size with SWEET ZONE technology that consists of the rounded shape of the head that allows the widest section of the string to be higher towards the tip, facilitating the game and conserving not only an optimal sweet spot but also excellent control and flexibility; the new technology Head AUXETIC which, as some have already experienced in the Speed or in the new Radical, offers outstanding impact sensations in the frame and Graphene in the frame which is now called, GRAPHENE INSIDE and its function continues to be to provide greater stability and optimize the transfer of energy from the racket to the ball, resulting in a racket that performs perfectly from the bottom of the court, which shows perfect solvency on network and outstanding service.

The Head Gravity Pro version is perfect for aggressive players finding the level of control that their most powerful shots require. They will really enjoy this racket, being able to hit their best shots with outstanding precision and reliability


-Weight.:315 gr

-Rigidity.:63 ra

-Balance:31.5 mm / 1 in HL

-String Pattern:18×20

-Length685 mm / 27.0 in

-Head size:645 cm² / 100 in²

-Beam20/20/20 mm

-Sold unstrung