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Pro Staff 97 LS – Tennis Racket


Co-designed by Roger Federer, the Pro Staff delivers the pure, classic feel players have come to love but with an all-new uncontaminated design. meticulous in detail and bold in its beauty, the new Pro Staff introduces a whole new dimension of engineered paint finishes and textures with matte black velvet, chrome touches, and laser engraving never before seen in tennis.


T-Rebound Tempo 290 tourlite – Tennis Racket


The  T-Rebound Temp 290 TourLite  is designed to make it easier for you to hit with pace and spin.  Although it is the heaviest member of the T-Rebound Tempo family, this racket still delivers the unmistakable benefits of maneuverability to the improving beginner and intermediate player.


Graphene Touch Radical MP – Tennis Racket


Just like the RADICAL MP, the limited edition GRAPHENE TOUCH MP RADICAL comes with the innovative Graphene Touch technology for an incredible touch and a solid dampened feel. The most versatile racquet of the series also features a dynamic 16/19 string pattern for enhanced playability and spin as well as increased balance for a higher swing weight and an increased plow-through effect.
What makes this one special is its truly unmistakable bumblebee design inspired by the first ever Radical released back in 1993. The Radical LTD is the perfect racquet for the versatile player who is not afraid to stand out.


Pure Aero Team – Tennis Racket

R3,800.00 R3,600.00

The lighter Pure Aero Team (285 g) offers even better handling than the standard Pure Aero version.
The balance-weight pairing provides easier grip and control. Also equipped with Aeromodular² and FSI Spin technologies, this racket delivers both power and spin.
Ideal for junior players, as well as intermediate and expert players looking for a lighter and easier-to-handle alternative to the standard Pure Aero.


Pure Strike 100 – Tennis Racket


The new Pure Strike is for striker players who speed up the ball & need responsiveness to increase their precision. An optimized string pattern with wider spacing of the crosses provides more power., Hybrid Frame Technology gives you the unique combination of power and control. Wider beam sections in the throat and at 3/9/12 o’clock enhances precision and increases stability at ball impact. Headsize 100 for more playability.


Pure Strike Team – Tennis Racket


Designed ideally for first-strike players who speed up the ball and need responsiveness to increase their precision. Its wider beam sections in the throat enhance precision and increases stability at ball impact while the 100 square inch frame increases power and playability.

  • Headsize: 100 sq inches
  • Weight: 285g
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
  • Graphite construction

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