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Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour is a firm, octagonally shaped co-polyester that provides big hitters with phenomenal control. Though it may not be as popular as its younger, more flexible brother (RPM Blast), Pro Hurricane Tour has enjoyed a respectable following among big hitters, including Andy Roddick. This is due in part to the undeniable precision it delivers, especially on big swings, which explains why our two playtesters raved about how much control they had when they turned up the pace. In addition to control, our team discovered exceptional bite, which made it easier for them to shape the angle and trajectory of their shots with spin. The easy access to spin was aided in no small part by the low power, which allowed our guys to take very sharp upward cuts without fear of the ball spraying unpredictably. Regarding comfort, our testers were quick to point out that Pro Hurricane Tour was on the firm (and dead) side, making it best suited to stronger players. Ultimately, this string did exactly what a firm, low-powered co-poly should do. It gave our playtesters that wonderful sense of confidence that occurs when big strokes find their target with ease.