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Pro Staff 97 v13 – tennis Racket


The Pro Staff 97 v13 is a lightweight version of Rodger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97. This racket features the Braid 45 construction which arranges the double braided fibers at 45 degree angles for enhanced pocketing feel alongside incredible stability. The string mapping allows for better precision and feel when on the court as well as with new ergonomic end cap for greater comfort.

The Pro staff 97 v13 features a modern design that still pays homage to the classic Pro Staff heritage with its black base,exposed carbon fiber weave and the red/yellow pinstripes along the throat.



Pro Staff 97 L Black/White – Tennis Racket


All new in 2018, the Pro Staff 97L features the elegant design of Roger’s Pro Staff RF97 in a lighter, more powerful Pro Staff frame. A highly maneuverable racket around the net, the Pro Staff 97L delivers the classic touch and feel of this iconic franchise for superior performance.