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Suprem 135 Curv 2020 – Squash Racket


The new Tecnifibre Suprem 135 CurV squash racket is the choice of many club players looking for a stable, performance racket offering a mix of power and control. The Suprem range is famous for the touch and control but also helps you to generate power.

The New Curv rackets are open heart shaped to form a “V”. This provides optimal stability and precision.

The Suprem 135 is one of the heavier frames in the Suprem range. This extra weight adds stability and sturdiness to your shots, whilst keeping the touch and control through the frame. This racket comes pre strung in Tecnifibre 305 squash string which is famous for control + power.

Storm Bridge NG

The New suprem range comes with Storm Bridge Technology. This allows a longer length of strings in the main, whilst keeping the round frame shape. This helps generate more power from the frames, whilst keeping the traditional feeling.


Suprem 130 Curv 2020 – Squash Racket


The Suprem curV 130 is the second lightest model within the Tecnifibre’s range of top closed-neck shaped racquets.

Boasting a weight of 130g, coupled with a more forgiving 500cm2 headsize, this racket offers tremendous control and touch for all levels of player, from beginners to advanced players.

The Suprem curV 130 features the “curV Shaft Geometry”: an open shaped neck with angular edges to form a V-Shape, resulting in optimal stability and precision.

The racquet also features the Storm Bridge NG: the specific shape of the bridge allows longer length mains strings, whilst keeping the round frame shape, resulting in more power whilst retaining the same feel as a traditional closed neck frame design.

Strung with high quality Tecnifibre 305 string.


Suprem 125 Curv 2020 – Squash Racket


The Tecnifibre Suprem curV 125 has the lightest weight and has the smallest head size of the Suprem series. The racquet is for strategic players looking for precision and control. With the new CURV shaft geometry, the open heart V shaped throat offfers optimal frame stability and precision. The Storm Bridge allows for longer length string mains while keeping the round frame head shape allowing the benefits of the more “traditional” frame shaped player… I.E.. power with control.