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Graphene 360 Speed MP – Tennis Racket


Sporting some impressive changes for 2018, the Head Speed MP gets updated with a little extra spin and power. In addition to a slightly thicker beam, Head has also widened the spacing between the cross strings. The upshot, according to our playtesters, is a noticeable boost in spin potential along with a little extra pop. With the addition of Graphene 360, Head takes their Graphene system to the next level by reinforcing not just the shaft but multiple points along the frame’s head. The result is less frame deformation at ball contact, giving the Speed MP a boost in stability and power. For this update Head has also reduced the dampening compound Kraibon, giving it a more modern and crisp feel. On groundstrokes,  the easy acceleration and grippy 16×19 string pattern will help you load the ball with spin. Although this update is a tad more powerful than the previous generation, it still has enough control to keep full cuts inside the lines. It’s also quick enough for executing effective shots on the run. This racquet’s fast feel continues at net where the Speed MP will help you react quickly on fast exchanges. Ultimately, the Graphene 360 Speed MP is a great option for intermediate and advanced players who want a light player’s racquet with a user-friendly blend of spin, pop and precision.


Graphene 360 Speed MP Lite – Tennis Racket


The HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed MP Lite Tennis Racquet gets a new look, and a unique feel thanks to the new Spiralfiber technology. Fibers embedded in the lower hoop, stretch, and untwist to create a clean, flexible feel at impact. The MP Lite takes the great traits of the MP, and lightens the load to 9.7 oz unstrung to give more players an opportunity to enjoy the Speed series racquets. The 23 millimeter flat beam, 16×19 string pattern, and 100 square inch head deliver an incredibly maneuverable control racquet. This version plays a little more dampened than the previous model, but without a loss of feel for the ball. HEAD’s Graphene 360+ Speed MP Lite makes a great frame for an advanced beginner or intermediate that is starting to swing the racquet faster through the air. The light overall weight keeps the frame functional in all areas of the court.


Graphene 360 Speed Lite – Tennis Racket


The HEAD Speed Lite Tennis Racquet is back with a sleek new look and Graphene 360+ technology. Like the other members of the Speed series, the Lite provides more ball speed and stability thanks to Graphene 360 material in throughout the head and shaft. Spiralfiber technology is embedded in the lower portions of the head and they untwist and stretch at contact for a more comfortable flex at contact. Compared with the previous version, the Graphene 360+ Speed Lite offers a slightly less muted response, and a more connected to the ball feel. At only 9.3 ounces unstrung, the Lite is incredibly mobile and easy to swing through the hitting zone. Expect a little more power with the Speed Lite, thanks to the thicker beam construction and slightly head-heavy balance. The frame sports the iconic HEAD asymmetric design identity, with matte and glossy white, and glossy black.